Mar 16

To measure your pupillary distance before you buy eyeglasses


If you a current eyeglasses wearer have eye test in some professional optical shop such as eye care center, you can see there is a PD value on your eye prescription. PD value stands for Pupillary Distance. It is the distance between your pupils in millimeters. It is necessary to know your PD value so as to make the optical center of glasses lenses identical to your eyes. If your eyeglasses were not made according to your PD, it may cause eye strains or make your myopia more serious. So, to know your PD is very important for accurately fitting your lenses to achieve vision acuity.

However, most people didn’t pay attention to their PD value when buy eyeglasses. Besides, it is not so accurate to measure PD through computer optometry. Usually, for most people, they always pay much attention on their eye power and neglect their PD value or other parameter of their eyes. That’s because they not know the importance of PD value. If you are planning to buy a pair of frame eye glasses, it is very important to know your PD value. If you use the wrong PD value to make eyeglasses, it is easy affect your glasses lenses which were made in the wrong optical center. If you wear a pair of inaccurate PD eyeglasses, it could not help you relax your eyes, but make metamorphopsia, blur your eyesight and cause dizzy etc.


Therefore, you know how important the accurate PD distance it is for making your eyeglasses. It is necessary to have a professional eye test and have a general knowledge before you buy eyeglasses. Above all, if you are plain to buy eyeglasses online, you should have a very clear mind of your eye condition because that you required offering your eye power and other parameters. So, even you are not eye doctor or professional optometrist, you still need have a general knowledge of eyesight if you want to buy eyeglasses. If you are plain to buy frame glasses, knowing your PD Value is necessary.

Generally speaking, most people can measure their Pupillary Distance with rulers. But for people who suffered from heterotropia or cyclopia, and for people who need to progressive glasses, it is advised to measure their PD distance in some professional eye care center.


So, don’t forget to measure your PD distance the next time when you buy prescription eyeglasses. By the way, if you need to buy progressive or bifocal glasses, you should also know near PD. It is the distance between your pupils in millimeters when you are seeing something close-up.




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